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Educational Consultation

This is an opportunity for the student and their parents to discuss any concerns that they may have regarding their child's educational progress in school.
Two student reading textbook for test together in library.
The purpose of the consultation is to identify what the student knows and doesn’t know.  Quite simply if they know it then we won’t waste time teaching them that.  If they don’t then it goes on the list.  

If it’s appropriate and the child is comfortable in doing so then an informal piece of work will be carried out which will give the tutor specific information about initial areas to focus on when designing the child’s unique program of study.

The assessment time also gives parents and students the opportunity to have a look around the centre and sample the ‘Insight’ tuition system that we use.  Of course, our tutors will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

The educational consultation is carried out by Jan Thomson-Long who holds a SpLD Assessment Practicing Certificate (Patoss) so is qualified to conduct standardised tests.  

Should you wish to go ahead with tuition then a two-session reservation fee is taken as a deposit to hold the place.  This will be used to cover notice weeks when the student leaves and ensures we do receive the notice.  If you decide not to enrol your child then the fee for the educational consultation is £40.