Southampton’s No.1 Tuition Centre

for English, Maths and Science


T: 0238 104 0120

Southampton’s No.1 Tuition Centre

for English, Maths and Science


T: 0238 104 0120

Welcome to Southampton Tuition Centre

Southampton Tuition Centre provides English, Maths and Science tuition for children aged 5 to 16 years. We aim to provide quality educational opportunities to children in Southampton to help them reach their full learning potential.

If you would like to have a chat about your child's requirements, please call us on 0238 104 0120 or click the button below to fill in a quick form and we will call you back:

Our Teachers

Where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why we’re the right local tutors to help your child reach their full potential: Our qualified teachers have the experience and passion to enthuse your child so they thrive and achieve their full potential. 


Jan Thomson-Long

Chief Education Officer (CEO)

Educational consultant

Hi there, my name is Jan Thomson-Long. I’m a specialist dyscalculia teacher and have been running this tuition centre in Southampton since 2010.

We cater for children who just ‘don’t understand’; children, who are frustrated, have given up trying and feel ‘lost in the crowd’. We give them hope.  We also cater for gifted children that are not being challenged by their school.

Our programs are designed to give children the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the child’s own pace so they are never overwhelmed. We emphasise the positive aspects of every child. Failure is eliminated. Children really try when they attend because achievement is not only rewarding, it is fun.

From the moment children walk in the centre, there are clear messages given to them, this is a place where I can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn.

All of our fully qualified teachers and staff are DBS checked and our centre is Ofsted Registered.

If you require any further information or you would like to book an assessment, Please call us on 0238 104 0120.

Give your child the best chance of a bright future by calling Southampton Tuition Centre today.

Would my child benefit from extra tuition?

Tuition can build their confidence.

Confidence is very important to a child’s progress. It’s sometimes hard for a child to get their voice heard in a class of thirty or more. All of our students benefit from personal attention that comes with small focused groups of 4.

Help them move up a set.

If your child isn’t performing as well as you’d like or their best friend is in a higher set, Southampton Tuition Centre has everything needed to help them reach their full potential. 

Prepare them for their GCSE Exams.

We have the resources and the experience to help your child excel at their GCSEs and any other exams throughout their time within education.

Give them the extra attention they need to succeed.

Every child has different learning needs and that is why we provide high-quality teaching for children with dyslexia or other educational requirements. Our tutors provide them with the extra attention and time they need.

What Our Clients Say:

"A massive thank you from her..."

Just picked up Dani’s results this morning…..and she passed Maths with a C! I’m so grateful for all your help over the last two years.

Dani’s with me whilst I write this, she realises that without your help and support she wouldn’t have got the grade she achieved, so a massive thank you from her :))

Best wishes for the next academic year. 

"The extra tuition and support provided has definitely paid off..."

Thank you for the fantastic work you’ve done with Melany. We all feel she’s benefited a lot from the time you’ve spent together, both technically and gaining in confidence.”

"Zain's mental maths is amazing..."

Zain grew in confidence in his maths when he joined Southampton Tuition Centre. His mental maths used to amaze his maths teacher. He misses not coming in and now that he will be starting GCSEs soon I plan to bring him back to restart his tuition