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Specialist Assessment Terms and Conditions

Temporary Covid 19 adjustments to our T&C

This will apply from September 2020 until such a time that all restrictions are lifted in the UK.

What we pledge to do

This service is offered on the understanding that:

The first payment of not less than 50% of the total fee is received prior to commencement of collation of background information and testing.

Once the investigation has begun then full payment is due and must be received prior to release of the final report.   The report will be issued no later than 3-weeks after all information is gathered for it (including from external contributors).

The Diagnostic Assessment will be carried out by a qualified specialist dyscalculia teacher/assessor holding an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) issued by PATOSS.

Accurate diagnosis is reliant upon the individual who should be relaxed and well rested / fed prior to attending the centre.  If they are unwell on the planned assessment day(s) then please contact the centre as early as possible so an alternative appointment can be made.  These assessments may take up to 3 1/2 hours to conduct.

You will be asked to complete detailed questionnaires to gather background medical and educational information.  This information may be repeated in the final report so please advise if any should be withheld from it.

Other professionals such as the student’s school maybe contacted to provide background information together with historic and current attainment levels.

Parents or other adults are not permitted to watch or be present during the assessment (unless prior arrangements have been made), as this may cause unnecessary stress to the child.  The assessments maybe videoed to enable the assessor to review later and ensure accurate scoring of individual tests.  These videos will be destroyed after the final report has been issued.

Data is kept electronically.  Only the data needed to complete the assessment and/or tuition is kept.  Anonymised data may be used for academic purposes.  Data will not be passed onto third parties without express written instructions and will be destroyed within 6 months of no longer being a client of Southampton Tuition Centre.

We are always happy to speak to you. However, it is difficult to talk during teaching hours, but you can leave a message. It is often easier to make an appointment if you need more time to discuss something with me in person.

The Centre phone number is 0238 104 0108.
The Centre text number is 07520 632902.

These T&Cs were last updated 17th September 2021