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Terms and Conditions – Tuition

Illness & infection control adjustments to our T&C

This will apply from July 2023.

What we pledge to do

Students are enrolled on the understanding that:

Reserving a place

A deposit of two weeks tuition fees is required to secure your child’s place. This place is reserved for your child on a mutually convenient day and time. Once a child is offered a place in one of our tutoring sessions, this place is regarded as current until you give two weeks’ notice (or fee in lieu) advising us in writing that you either, want them to stop attending or you wish to change the lesson day/time. Changing lesson day/time is subject to vacancies.

To be successful and ensure a lasting improvement it is essential that students attend every lesson and catch up any missed lessons, as well as completing homework independently by the next lesson.

Termination of enrolment

If your child does not arrive for 2 successive sessions without you informing us of their expected absence or paying for the sessions then we reserve the right to accept that as termination of their enrolment and may offer that place to another student. The deposit may be held to in lieu of the notice not formally received and the missed lessons charged for.

Payment Arrangements

The fee is charged per child, per session depending upon the service enrolled for. You can opt to pay at the beginning of each month or per term. All payments must be made before your child’s session. If your account is in arrears we reserve the right not to tutor your child and to terminate their enrolment.

Please ensure that payments via your bank quote your child’s name and their reference number.

Missed lessons must be paid for. Your child is booked in for a set lesson time, because that place is reserved for them, we cannot put anyone else in their time slot. Therefore, you are required to pay for the lesson whether your child attends or not. This is a condition of enrolment. Late payment of any lesson will incur an administration charge.

If you have not paid in advance, then the missed lesson payment must be made before the next session that your child attends.

Attendance and How to Arrange Catch-Up Lessons

Please note that our weeks per term are the same as local schools. For example, if there are 11 weeks in the school term then students must attend 11 weeks during the term. If they are unable to attend a lesson for any reason, such as illness or school trip then you must contact the centre beforehand to arrange an alternative time and day for the lesson missed.

Without 48 hours’ notice we are under no obligation to offer the catch-up session.

HOWEVER, if you give at least 48 hours’ notice then you will be offered an alternative session in the centre. We do not refund missed lessons. If you are not able to attend the offered catch-up or if you prefer then an @home lesson will be set up using our online system.  Your child will be able to access appropriate tasks and these will be reviewed with their teacher the following in-centre lesson so they get full feedback on their work.  This means your child will get the tuition that you are required to pay for.

Catch-up lessons MUST be taken in the term they were missed and on the agreed date. They are not carried over into the next term.

Irregular attendance will negatively affect your child’s progress.


Unless you have made specific arrangements with us then please drop off and collect your child on time. Latecomers not only miss out on parts of their lesson but disrupt others learning. If you get held up when you’re due to collect your child then please call so that we aren’t left worrying. If staff have to stay after their usual finishing time to look after uncollected children then a fee of £15 will be due after the first 15 minutes and for every 15 minutes thereafter to cover the additional staffing costs.

Children should not be left more than 10 minutes before the start of their session as we may not have the required number of staff on site to supervise them.Catch-up lessons MUST be taken in the term they were missed and on the agreed date. They are not carried over into the next term.

Irregular attendance will negatively affect your child’s progress.

How to Contact the Office and Get Feedback about Progress

We are always happy to speak to you. However, it is difficult to talk during teaching hours, but you can leave a message. It is often easier to make an appointment if you need more time to discuss something with me. If another teacher teaches your child and you wish to speak to them, please let me know and I will arrange for them to call or meet with you.

The Centre phone number is 0238 104 0108.
The Centre text number is 07520 632902.

These T&Cs were last updated September 2021